Moments That Last A Lifetime

… until they are turned around.

Sue-Ann, a beautiful elderly woman.“Sue-Ann” (not her real name) is a dynamic 62 year-old. She still has a huge desire to contribute to her community. You would never know the inner unrest that was going on for her. She is a highly-skilled professional with a wonderfully warm character. When she was 8 years old, a school principal bullied Sue-Ann and some of her school friends. From this time on, Sue-Ann felt inferior – due to the colour of her skin.
The impact of this trauma remained in subtle ways, even though it occurred decades ago.
Sue-Ann kept being reminded of it and the same feelings kept recycling. She felt judged by something she was powerless to change – her appearance. Although she became a leader in her profession, she also had her power diminished and her leadership eroded. She accepted a lower wage than her counterparts, because she felt inferior. This was completely unjust. Sue-Ann found it difficult to speak up for herself. She felt she had no right to be heard. She felt less valuable than others. The ripple effect of this childhood experience reverberated throughout her life. This changed when we did an I AM® Moving On Session together. Her relief was immediate, and then the change gelled over the next few days. Her clever and “plastic” brain rewired itself around the altered memory.
The results became permanent. This memory was deconstructed and resolved.
Sue-Ann finally felt free from its effect. Her body started to release the tension which it had been holding onto for decades. She also started to discover the courage to speak up when it was appropriate. Last time we spoke, she was heading off for a job interview for a community services position… which she succeeded in obtaining.
Unless properly resolved, the ripple effect of a trauma can last a lifetime – no matter how long ago it occurred.
TBT® helps to change negative ripples into positive ones… and it’s never too late to change them!

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