Reminders of Unfinished Business

“Edward” (not his real name) is a professional man in his 50’s. He and his wife separated after 23 years.

His reaction to this experience was extreme.

He plunged into a deep depression. He could see no future for himself and spent his evenings alone, having suicidal thoughts.

It took him a long time to attend a session, because he couldn’t see any point in it. He was really stuck.

Eventually… he took up his friend’s suggestion and we met.

Through working together, a missing piece of the jigsaw fell into place.

Yes, he was grieving the loss of his marriage, and the comfort and company it provided. There was more to the story than that…

Whenever there is an over-reaction to something in the present, there is usually history crying out to be resolved as well.

We discovered an unresolved traumatic memory from when Edward was 16 years old.

His mother had tragically died. He was very close to her. He knew she was sick, but he wasn’t expecting her to die. It was a huge shock.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances, he wasn’t able to properly say goodbye to her either.

When his wife wanted to separate, all these years later… an avalanche of unresolved sadness was triggered for Edward. He couldn’t understand why.

We set to work to remedy the situation:

  • Edward learnt some emotional management and personal development skills. 
  • He started processing some of his grief – for both the major women in his life.
  • We also did some trauma resolution work to resolve his traumatic memory of losing his mother.

Edward Smiling

What would have happened if he had not resolved this trauma, which had been under the surface for decades? Who knows.

Fortunately we don’t need to know – because this story has a happy ending!


As a result of his sessions and learning and applying his new emotional skills:

  • Edward started making plans for his future, due to feeling much brighter and truly moving on.
  • He felt calmer and more in control of his emotional state. 
  • Plus he was able to think of his mother with fond and loving memories, instead of painful ones.

And it all happened, because he was brave enough to take that first step and attend an I AM® Moving On Session

Life has a way of showing us what is not yet resolved. Similar events occur and similar feelings resurface, to remind us of unfinished business. And right there lies an opportunity!

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