Turning Trauma Into Triumph

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Ash is a beautiful young lady (who has given permission for her name and story to be shared). She is a single mum, with a 3-year old daughter.

Ash came to see me (Ingrid) after she very nearly drowned.

I mean, VERY nearly drowned… One more minute and I would not have ever met this lovely 23 year old.

A dear friend, Nathan, ran into her about 3 weeks after the incident. He could tell straight away that Ash wasn’t herself. When he heard what had happened, he immediately suggested a trauma resolution session with me.

Nathan gained Ash’s permission for me to give her a call – and she booked in for an I AM® Moving On Session.

When I first met Ash, she was so traumatised she was barely in her body. After all, she had very nearly left it! She was still in shock.

One hour later and the memory of her near-death experience had been de-constructed.

What this means is her nervous system was no longer reacting to an event which had passed.

Constantly replaying the scene, being on high alert for signs of danger and her extreme state of stress were all gone.

Ash is now able to remember the scene without any unwanted reaction at all.

I received this text message from her the following day:

Hey Ingrid, it’s Ash.

I just wanted to thank you for yesterday. I haven’t felt this happy in years.

I’m also interested in doing the 10-week program.

And if at all possible, I’ve referred you to [………] 

Could I make an appointment for him for this Saturday if you have space please? x

Ash loves the ocean and loves swimming in it. After her incident and before her I AM® Moving On Session, she couldn’t even bare to visit the beach, let alone swim.

One week after her session, she was back in the ocean – and loving it.

Ash wanted to learn more about herself and grow. At the time of writing this, she has just completed the tenth week of her course in the I AM Method®.

During Week 8 of her course, she told me she had decided to change career paths… and become a surf-lifesaver – a lifeguard!

How beautiful is that?!! Talk about turning a trauma into a triumph!

With her love of the sea and her love of helping people, she is going to make a phenomenal lifeguard.

She is about to start a 5-week I AM Method® Alumni course. I can’t wait to see what this vivacious and wise young lady gets up to next!


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